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May 18, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

I. Regular Meeting
Chairman James Cloar called the regular meeting of the Tampa Housing Authority Board of Commissioners to order at 8:43 a.m. Other Board members present were Lorena Hardwick, Parker Homans, Sul Hemani. Commissioners Billi Johnson-Griffin and legal counsel Ricardo Gilmore participated online. Commissioner Ben Dachepalli joined the meeting online after approval of the March Minutes. Commissioner Bemetra Salter Liggins was not present nor participated online. 

The Chair began by asking everyone for a moment of silent prayer and/or personal meditation; those in attendance were also asked to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance; recital of the agency's mission statement followed.

II. Minutes
The minutes of the Board Meeting of February 16, 2022 were tabled once again. 

A motion to approve the minutes of the Board Meeting of March 16, 2022 was made by Commissioner Hardwick and seconded by Hemani, 

Commissioner Hardwick
Commissioner Cloar - Yes
Commissioner Hemani
Commissioner Johnson-Griffin - Yes 
Commissioner Homans

III. Public Forum (3 minutes limit allotted per speaker)

  • None to come before this forum.

IV. Employees of the Month

  • Administration - Caitlyn Scholl
  • Properties - Heriberto Velazquez 

V. Special Recognition

  • Geraldine Barnes Award Recipient - Lourdes Rios Pagan
  • Above and Beyond Service Award Recipients - Yasmin Dilbert and Annette Ruiz

VI. Resolutions
In place of the Sr. VP/COO, the Director of Real Estate Development Mr. David Iloanya presented resolutions 2022-4225.

  • 2022-4225 Leroy Moore: Resolution approving the Renaissance at West River permanent loan closing.

A motion was made by Commissioner Homans and seconded by Commissioner Hardwick: 

Commissioner Hardwick
Commissioner Cloar
Commissioner Hemani
Commissioner Dachepalli
Commissioner Homans
Commissioner Johnson-Griffin 

VII. President/CEO's Report

Finance and Related Entities
The Sr. VP/CFO, Ms. Susi Begazo-McGourty had a brief presentation due to her staff preparing for HUD submission by end of May; only third-party financial statements for this month and the next month were be presented.

The agency budget had also been completed for fiscal year 2023; Commissioners will receive an electronic copy of the budget by end of week April 18, with one-on-one invitations to Board members for review of the budget. A presentation of the budget should take place in May. s

Operations and Real Estate Development 
The Director of Real Estate Development, Mr. David Iloanya reported in place of Mr. Moore who was not present although participated online. Mr. Iloanya began his report with mention of the Encore Community Job Training Center grand opening held Tuesday April 12, the event had gone well. This was a partnership between the Tampa Housing Authority, the City of Tampa and the Hillsborough County School District.

Encore buildings the Legacy and the Navara continued to lease-up. Lot 8 at Encore was under contract as well as lot 10 both progressing well. Lots 5 and 12 were both under contract for a mix of uses such as grocer, office and retail. Lot 13 was under a letter of intent and may be brought to the Board for consideration next month. 

West River's Tower 4 continues to progress with construction, this is the last of the Boulevards expected to be completed in October 2022.

The Canopy at West River closed the week of April 11 and will begin its next phase of development. Phase 1 of the Canopy will consist of two buildings, 196 units. The Director of Community Affairs, Ms. Lillian Stringer will notify Commissioners when the groundbreaking ceremony of the Canopy will take place, expected in the next 60 days. 

Preparations for two closing was taking place, one was the grocer at West River, in the next 30 to 60 days. There will also be 70 townhome units built at West River, added Mr. Iloanya.

A Robles Park timesheet with the selected partner was being negotiated to develop the site, Mr. Iloanya hoped to bring the timesheet to the Board in May or June. The relocation plan was expected to be submitted to HUD by end of April and hoped to secure approval by end June or July then proceed with relocation thereafter. An estimated $5 million request for funding with a fundraising commitment was submitted to U.S. Congresswoman Kathy Castor for a Zion Cemetery Memorial. If $4 million are secured one more million will be acquired through fundraising, reiterated the director.

An update on the closing for acquisition of the Oaks at Riverview approved by the Board a couple of months ago was provided to the Board, this was a former HOPE VI owned and operated by a third-party developer manager. Commissioners were informed that the closing will be in another 90 days and a resolution will be brought to the Board seeking authorization.

The Director of Human Resources, Mr. Kenneth Christie briefed Board members regarding the agency's necessary steps to open to the public May 2nd by appointment only and a full opening by June 20th. Safety and preventive measures by staff and visitors are still encouraged to prevent transmission of viruses. The agency will continue to monitor infections and follow CDC guidelines. 

VIII. Legal Matters

  • None to come before this forum.

IX. Unfinished Business
Chairman Cloar updated Board members regarding the CEO's evaluation status. 

X. Notices and Updates
The Director of Community Affairs, Ms Lillian Stringer informed Commissioners of Congresswoman Kathy Castor's recent press conference, she ushered in $520,000 for online connectivity, the conference took place at the Trio at Encore where this grant was applied. Ms. Stringer also thanked Commissioner Sul Hemani for stepping in as master of ceremony for the grand opening of the Encore Community Job Training Center on April 12. 

XI. New Business

  • None to come before this forum.

XII. Adjournment
There being no further business to come before this Board, the Chair declared this meeting of the THA Board of Commissioners adjourned at 9:25 a.m. 

Approved this 18th day of May 2022.