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To submit a Maintenance Request, please click here.

What is Considered Emergency Maintenance: 

  • Fire- The resident must call 911 first and then call the property manager to assist with more direction on what to do.
  • Flood- Only if water is coming from inside the unit from a busted pipe or a clogged drain. We will not be able to help if the water is coming from outside due to the rain.
  • Electrical- The resident must call the power company first to make sure there is not a power outage in the area; the property manager should assist the resident by asking them to check the breaker box.
  • Broken window- If an object strikes the window and breaks it, allowing rain and debris inside, we will try to board it up or cover it the best we can.
  • Tree down- Only if the tree limb is blocking them from entering or exiting their unit or the property.
  • Severe Roof leaks
  • Plumbing- Only if the residents have one bathroom


  • AC units- We will not work on any Air Conditioners during a storm; we will follow up once the storm has cleared.
  • Noisy neighbors- The property manager should take the information down and follow up when they can.
  • Lockouts- We will not be doing any lockouts under any circumstances.
  • Accidents or slip and fall - resident should call the non-emergency line for EMT or 911
  • We will not be able to go out during a storm for the safety of our staff. We will go out once it clears.