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Lease Up Process

Request for Tenancy Approval Timeline HAP Contract Execution Process

Step 1 RTA Submission

  • Complete the RTA in its entirety and return to the Assisted Housing Dept. The owner must supply a valid email address. (Inspections will utilize this email address for scheduling)

Step 2 Determine Affordability

  • Housing Specialist reviews the RTA to determine affordability. If the tenant cannot afford the unit, the housing specialist will contact the owner to request a contract rent reduction. If the owner does not approve, the tenant will be given another RTA and look for a unit they qualify for.
  • If the owner approves, then the RTA is approved for tenant affordability.
  • The housing specialist will review the RTA within 24-48 hours of receipt.

Step 3 Owner Approval

  • Landlord Liaison will review the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser's site, to determine ownership of the unit and if that owner is an active landlord on our program.
  • New owners will be asked to go to our online landlord portal to register and create a landlord application. Please note: if you previously registered, it is not pulled until RTA is submitted.
  • If a new application is required and not completed within 5 business days, the RTA will be returned to the Housing Specialist to notify the tenant of the delay and to provide them with another RTA to search for a new unit.

Step 4 Inspections

  • Once a landlord is established and/or approved for our program the RTA is sent to our Inspections dept.
  • THA's Inspection Dept will contact the owner via email within 24-48 hours of receiving the RTA of a date and time for the inspection.
  • The date of the inspection could be between 1-14 days of the receipt of the RTA to the inspections dept.
  • The Inspections dept will conduct a Rent Comparability test. If the rent is not approved for that amount the information will be relayed to the Housing Specialist to obtain a reduction from the owner or a rent survey will be provided for the landlord to complete.

Step 5 Contract Execution

After a "Pass" result inspection, the Housing Specialist will give approval to move in, and the HAP Contract will be sent via e-mail. Please note: tenants should not move in without proper approval from the Housing Specialist.

  • The Owner should then return the signed HAP Contract and signed lease to the Housing Specialist.
  • HAP Contract:
    • Head of Household matches lease
    • Contract unit matches lease
    • All household members are on lease
    • Initial lease term matches lease
    • Initial rent to owner matches lease
    • Utilities and Appliances matches lease
    • Signature of Owner and Management company representative with date
    • If there is any discrepancies with the HAP Contact DO NOT cross out information. Contact the housing specialist to revise the document
  • Lease must include:
    • Contain lease effective date and lease end date
    • Names of all household members
    • Correct unit address (including apartment number)
    • Total contract rent amount matches HAP Contract
    • Utility responsibilities are indicated and match RTA
    • Signed and Dated by Participant and Owner
    • Tenancy Addendum attached to lease
    • All adjustment made after original participant signature must be initialed by the participant
  • THA receives the signed contract and corresponding lease and executes for payment
  • HAP payments are generally paid within 60 days of the signed HAP contract

More details on the Lease-Up Process can be found in our Lease-Up Process document. (coming soon)