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Modernization & Construction Services

Modernization and Construction Services is charged with the responsibility of providing the following functions:

  • Comprehensive modernization and administration of construction projects
  • Contract development and negotiation
  • Development and Maintenance of 5 year CFP action Plan
  • Budget and Cost control through the implementation of CFP and CDBG
  • Development and Maintenance of Comprehensive database of capital needs (Physical Needs Assessment, PNA)
  • Job Order Contract (JOC) program administration
  • Maintenance of GIS database and Plan Indexer
  • Capital Grant development and implementation (CFP and CDBG)
  • Design and Construction Management
  • Force Account management and supervision
  • Relocation coordination and oversight
  • Community Awareness through modernization project activities, News Letters, and Resident Management meetings

The Housing Authority has completed numerous units as part of its initiative to reduce vacant units and to effect comprehensive modernization. All projects were completed with the inclusion of Energy Conservation Measures whose aim is to facilitate utility savings. The specific energy conservation measures designed to minimize waste include gas, electric, and water usage in relation to appliances, light fixtures, water heaters, toilets, aerators, showerheads, windows, doors, HAVC systems, refrigerators, and hose bibs.

The Authority has received a variety of awards of recognition, merit, and awards of excellence for completed units. Current modernization projects undertaken by the department include Belmont Heights Estates, Cedar Pointe, Gardens at SouthBay, and Oaks at Riverview.

Dining room at Belmont Heights Estates
Belmont Height Estates

Front of Building at Cedar Pointe.
Cedar Pointe

Front of building at Gardens at South Bay.
Gardens at South Bay | Preliminary Application

Front of building at Oaks at Riverview.
Oaks at Riverview