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Staff Directory

Executive Team

Jerome D. Ryans Headshot
Jerome D. Ryans

Chief Executive Officer
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Leroy Moore Headshot
Leroy Moore
Sr. Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
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Susi Begazo-McGourty HeadshotSusi Begazo-McGourty
Sr. Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
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Department Directors

Donald Haggerty Headshot
Donald Haggerty

Director of Facilities Management
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Stephanie Brown-Gilmore Headshot
Stephanie Brown-Gilmore

Director of Program and Property Services
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Tina Washington-Jones Headshot
Tina Washington-Jones
Director of Contracting and Procurement
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Margaret Jones Headshot
Margaret Jones
Director of Assisted Housing
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Mike Tepfer Headshot
Mike Tepfer
Director of Information Technology
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Rose Lugo
Director of Public Relations
& Strategic Communications
David Iloanya Headshot
David Iloanya
Director of Real Estate Development
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William Jackson Headshot
William Jackson
Director of Public Safety
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Kenneth C. Christie Headshot
Kenneth C. Christie
Director of Human Resources
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Layla Hartz Headshot
Layla Hartz

Director of North Tampa Housing Development Corp.
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James White Headshot
James White
Director of Finance & Accounting
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Housing Specialists