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A Guide for Parents in Need Solutions for At-Risk Youth

Who We Serve

  • Florida
  • Families
  • At-Risk Youth (Ages 6-17)

What We Do

  • Prevention
    • Counseling
    • Domestic Violence Intervention
    • Behavioral Development
    • Community Outreach & Education
    • Shelters

Why We Work

  • Youth Development
  • Safety & Support
  • Strengthen Families

Florida Network Programs

Residential Shelters & Counseling Programs

Counseling Programs

Sponsored by the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services, Inc. and the State of Florida, Department of Juvenile Justice.

I Feel Like My Child Is out Of Control
All families experience crisis from time to time. Some issues that challenge parents may be children who skip or miss school, run away from home, refuse to follow directions or make poor life choices. Parents and caregivers may be able to resolve most of these problems quickly, but sometimes families have problems that push them to the limit and they may need CINS/FINS services.

The Florida Legislature passed a law (Chapter 984, F.S.) that provides help to Children In Need of Services (CINS) and Families in Need of Services (FINS). These programs are open to children age 6-17 years old and their families. The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) funds and supports these counseling programs to keep kids out of serious trouble. Young people who are runaways, habitually truant, ungovernable (do not obey their guardians) or homeless - and their families - can receive free services to improve their behaviors, resolve conflicts effectively and start communicating again. CINS/FINS programs are in your area and your local agency will walk you through the options that best fit your needs.

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