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North Tampa Housing Development Corporation (NTHDC)

A resource to Housing Owners, Agents and Contract Administrators working to improve housing for Florida communities.

In 2004, the US Department of HUD announced its award for Contract Administration for the project based, Section 8 program within the State of Florida.

Layla Hartz Headshot.
Layla Hartz,
NTHDC Director

The award is part of a landmark management reform plan called HUD 2020, under which HUD outsourced its contract administration responsibilities to qualified public housing agencies that can achieve the programmatic objectives of:

  • Calculating and paying Section 8 rental subsidies correctly.
  • Administering project-based Section 8 HAP Contracts consistently.
  • Enforcing owner obligations to provide decent housing for eligible families.

Under the terms of the award, the North Tampa Housing Development Corporation entered into a partnership agreement with CGI-AMS Inc. to establish and manage the performance-based contract administration initiative.

For more information, please click here to visit the North Tampa Housing Development Corporation (NTHDC) website.