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Robles Park Village History


Robles Park Village was developed in 1951 and today consist of 433 residential units located in 67 buildings across a 35-acre site. Zion Cemetery, which is believed to be Tampa's first African American cemetery, was an approximately 2.5-acre cemetery created in 1901. There was suspicion the cemetery was not properly removed. In 2019, THA commissioned a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. The assessment did confirm that approximately 1.5 acres of what today is Robles Park Village, encroach on the original Zion Cemetery.  Seeking further confirmation of whether bodies might still be present, THA formed the Zion Archeological Advisory Committee and retained the services of archeologists with Cardno and FPAN (Florida Public Archeological Network). THA ordered the relocation of 5 buildings which encroach onto what was Zion Cemetery.  This land is of significant historical importance to Tampa's history and should be preserved in some form of memorial or park.  With Robles Park Village approaching the end of its useful life cycle, the redevelopment of Robles Park Village was born.

THA began a community outreach process including workshops, focus groups, steering committees, and internet and social media initiatives.  Topics included housing, transportation, child services, adult opportunities, services, amenities, exercise barriers, access to healthy food, and overall health improvements.  Four pillars were determined:  1. Housing & Basic Needs, 2. Health & Wellness, 3. Cradle to Career & Education, 4. Jobs & Economic Vitality.  A Community Resource Hub, a 50,000 SF facility will be developed to serve as a One-Stop Shop offering the services of the 4 pillars.  Services include:

•        THA Basic Needs

•        Health Clinic

•        Health Insurance

•        Wellness Facilities

•        Education Enrichment

•        Technology Center

•        Teaching Kitchen / Nutritionist

•        Job Connect Counselors

•        Community Board Offices

•        Mobility Center

•        Family Counseling

Residents will also receive support from resources and partners.      

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