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Encore District Bulletin - Spring 2022


The Encore District Bulletin. Former Central Park Village and Ybor Neighborhood. Spring 2022

Development Progress Update

Map showing Aerial View of the Encore Buildings (Reed, Ella, Tempo, Trio), Job Training Center, Urban Farm, St. James Church, Technology Park, Lot 5, Lot 8, Lot 9 (Navara), Lot 10, Lot 11 (Legacy), and Lot 12
Aerial View of the Encore Buildings (Reed, Ella, Tempo, Trio), Job Training Center, Urban Farm, St. James Church, Technology Park, Lot 5, Lot 8, Lot 9 (Navara), Lot 10, Lot 11 (Legacy), and Lot 12

Now Open!

The Job Training Center will offer classes beginning this month. The Meacham Urban Farm is open on weekends offering fresh organic vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, and more. Take a stroll through the Technology Park to view illuminated solar art and a newly landscaped Florida native butterfly garden.

Navara and the Legacy are in the final construction phase and will be 288 and 228 market rate, multi-family housing opening in 2022. Lot 5 is proposed at 150 mixed-income, mixed-use, multi-family housing. Lots 8 and 12 are proposed at 320 and 250+/- market rate, mixed-use, multi-family housing. Lot 10 is proposed at 175 room hotel keys and 270 market rate, mixed-use, multi-family housing.

Various buildings in the City of Tampa.


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  • Opportunities
  • Resident Highlights
  • President's Message

Jerome Ryan Headshot

Dear Residents,

I wish you all a joyful and safe 2022! The years 2020 and 2021 presented unprecedented challenges to all as we battled the COVID-19 pandemic. The pervasive virus heavily impacted the economy and significantly affected everyone's cost of living. Many families were hit hard and still trying to make ends meet. We are proud to have made it through, working remotely to provide needed services to all our residents. Within the confines of the pandemic, we continue to find innovative and effective ways to serve our residents.
I am delighted to report that the project at West River is coming along. The Renaissance and Mary Bethune developments were completed in late 2020 and are fully occupied for a total of 310 units, all affordable. Three multi-family developments known as the Boulevards are 100% complete and fully occupied, with a total of 371 units. The Boulevards Tower 4 and the Villas, with 134 units, will be completed by late 2022.

In the last few years, we completed the Tempo at Encore, consisting of 203 units, mixed-use, mixed-income, multi-family development, 70% affordable, and 30% market rate. We recently completed the 7,500 SF Job Training Facility at Encore for adult education and culinary training. We have also completed the Meacham Urban Farm, with an educational facility that consists of 2.1 acres with greenhouses and a farm store to provide fresh organic vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, and more. It is a high-yielding, bio-intensive farm accessible to the surrounding Tampa neighborhoods with the intention of introducing healthy, nutritious, and easily available food to the community. In partnership with the Hillsborough County School District Adult Education Division, the farm will provide cooking classes, educate members of the community on healthy food choices, and offer hospitality and chef training.

I'd like to note that we also have opportunities for employment through our Section 3 program. Part of the objective of Section 3 is to help our residents obtain job training, employment, and contracting prospects. It is definitely a great opportunity, and we encourage all who are interested to inquire through their case managers.

We are always deeply proud of our residents, and this month is no exception. I'd like to congratulate all our former senior residents who returned to Mary McLeod Bethune Apartments, Renaissance at West River, and the Boulevards. I extend congratulations as well to the Geraldine Barnes Awards recipient, Tajh Chatman.

The West River redevelopment is the beginning of major developments within the West Tampa community, connecting to the South Tampa commercial district. In East Tampa, we are looking forward to the prospect of the Robles Park Village redevelopment and memorialization of the Zion Cemetery. The Tampa Housing Authority stands on its commitment to bring you more exciting news in the near future.

Sincerely, Jerome D. Ryans President / CEO

Tampa Housing Authority - 813.341.9101
Assisted Housing Customer Service - Ext. 5001
Program and Property Services - Ext. 2150
Real Estate Development - Ext. 2630 

Board of Commissioners

  • James A. Cloar, Chair
  • Bemetra Salter Liggins, Vice Chair
  • Ben Dachepalli
  • Lorena Hardwick
  • Sul Hemani
  • Parker A. Homans
  • Billi Johnson-Griffin

Jerome D. Ryans, President/CEO

The Encore District Bulletin 
If you would like to review this newsletter by email, contact Real Estate Development via email.

  • Job training center building.
    Job Training Center:
    • 7,500 SF completed in March 2021.
    • The facility was leased to the Hillsborough County School District in November 2020.
    • School Board operates and maintains buildings for adult education on a year-round basis.
    • Planned classes include Culinary Arts, Call-Center operations, and GED classes.

  • Meacham Urban Farm
    Meacham Urban Farm:
    • Fully operational 2-acre organic farm completed February 2021 and open on weekends.
    • Three greenhouses, an educational facility, and a farm store provide dairy, meat, vegetables, and organic honey.
    • The farm offers more than 40 varieties of vegetables and herbs. Free-range hens provide 50 dozen eggs per week.
    • Will provide cooking classes and training programs for healthy food choices.

  • St. James Church
    St. James Church:
    • 100-year-old Church completed in April 2020.
    • Fully restored per the City of Tampa Historic Preservation ARC requirements.
    • Will be re-purposed into Tampa's finest African-American Cultural Museum.

  • Technology park during night time.
    Technology Park:
    • 18,000 SF completed in February 2021.
    • Public Art includes Water Bearers and Cistern Drums that are internally illuminated and a Shade Structure installed for comfort and enjoyment.
    • The park offers a native Florida landscape and a butterfly garden.


Tampa Housing Authority has long been a contributing resource for employment opportunities through the Section 3 program. Its function is to offer recipients of certain HUD financial assistance to the greatest extent possible by providing job training, employment, and contract opportunities for low or very low-income residents in connection with projects and activities in their neighborhoods. Section 3 is a starting point to obtain job training, employment, and contracting opportunities. From this integral foundation, coupled with other resources, comes the opportunity for economic advancement and self-sufficiency.

Examples of Opportunities Include:

  • Accounting
  • Appliance Repair
  • Bricklaying
  • Catering
  • Cement
  • Computer
  • Drywall
  • Electrical
  • Fencing
  • Florist
  • Heating
  • Marketing
  • Painting
  • Plastering
  • Surveying
  • Tile Setting

Contact Tina Washington, Section 3 representative, to become certified as a Section 3 resident or Section 3 business - 813.341.9101 ext. 3500.

Resident Highlights

Various residents participating in a raffle.

CNI/Encore participation in Booker T Washington Elementary Trunk or Treat. Provided parents with information on referral/family services within the community. Partnership with school social workers from BT Washington Elementary, Stewart Middle and Just Elementary with informing the community of the Housing Choice Voucher program updates.

CNI/Encore residents participated in the following events:

  • Christmas/Family Assessments Raffle/Prize Giveaway
  • Adopt a Family
  • Report Card Rally (Participants received gift bags)

Various residents holding gifts.

Children holding gift bags.

Resident Engagement

CNI case management is the point of entry for new residents at the Encore. They can help with any issues or concerns the resident may have concerning paperwork or their unit. They also work with property management to ensure services are being offered and are available to the residents. This ensures the residents remain in the direction towards self-sufficiency.